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Our university undertake international conference 2014 reservoir monitoring and management


       By our university, China university of petroleum (Beijing), jointly organized by the shaanxi provincial institute of oil "2014 reservoir monitoring and management of international conference" was held in Beijing recently. The conference theme of "difficult to use oil and gas resources development challenges and opportunities", aims to promote the development of the domestic dynamic monitoring and management technology, to take advantage of the real-time monitoring, intelligent, networking and digitalization to solve complex reservoir monitoring and data analysis and application of the problem. The conference organizing committee chairman, vice President of our school professor shirakawa addressed the opening ceremony on behalf of the conference organizers. From petro china, Sinopec, prolong oil, Chinese academy of sciences, northeast petroleum university and engaged in oil and gas exploration and development research both at home and abroad and related technology experts and technical management staff of nearly 200 people were present at the meeting.

      Meeting invite David Chiang, director of the China institute of petroleum logging professional committee, the state information center, deputy director of expert committee of NingGuJun, Sinopec jian-feng li, deputy director of the information center, associate professor at the university of Calgary sheng-nan Chen, petro china Oriental geophysical exploration company deputy chief engineer and reservoir geophysical research center director lingyun, France north reservoir Schlumberger company chief expert fresh produce and so on more than 40 domestic and foreign well-known experts made a good report. Meeting focused on the reservoir area the forefront of science and technology content, involved in today's world and digital oilfield reservoir dynamic monitoring and management of new technologies, new methods, new technology, new products such as the latest progress, has the high academic level and practical value, for oilfield exploration and development technology in China is of great significance. The international conference on high level, large scale, rich achievements.

     Reservoir monitoring and management of international conference held annually, in September 2015 in the next meeting will be Xi’an.

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