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Application Procedures

1.Individual Application Procedure

Application: Log in and download the APPLICATION FORM

Submit Documents: Fill in the APPLICATION FORM honestly and accurately, and email all the required materials as the form to us

Verify: After the successful verifying by CIE, CIE replies you with email or fax

Admission: Send the Admission, JW202 form and other materials

Visa: Apply the X visa in Chinese Embassies or Consulates with Admission Notice, JW202 form, Passport and other materials

Depature: Get ready for study in China, arrange the route and take the departure according to visa

Check-in: Do the procedures for registration in International Students Office

Pay: Pay tuition fee and insurance fee in International Students Office

Residence Permit: Do the Registration Form of Temporary Residence within 24 hours arriving China, Physical Examination and apply  for the Residence Permit  

2.Apply through XSYU Cooperation Organization
Fill in the application form→Submit documents→Verify by XSYU cooperation organization→Notice of enrollment→Apply visa→Come to China with X visa→Register with CIE→Pay the tuition fee→Application for the Residence Permit

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