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Language student admission

Application Prerequisites:

Graduated from senior high school

Non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport, at the age of 18 or above

Perform good during study

Mode of Cultivating:

Types of study:

  • Long-term students: students who register to study six months or over

  • Short-term students: students who register to study less than six months

School Time: every morning from Monday to Friday, 4 class hours per day, 20 class hours per week

Curriculum: We offer different levels of Chinese language and culture courses, namely the advanced level, the intermediate level and the elementary level. Each class sets Chinese Reading, Oral Chinese, Chinese Pronunciation, Chinese Listening, Chinese Writing, Chinese culture, which is varied according to levels of curriculum, focusing on the training and improving of Chinese fluency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing for international students

Course Features:

  • Focus on the immersion in Chinese culture, including Chinese history and culture, Chinese music appreciation, Chinese Calligraphy, Martial arts, paper cutting, etc.

  • Closely touches on petroleum engineering, added with lectures on ABCs of petroleum engineering in Chinese.

  • Pay close attention to the systematical social practices and cultural experiences, offering scheduled visits to historic sites in and around Xi'an

  • Certificate: Successful graduates will receive a language learning certificate after completion of study

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