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Our University Undertake Oil New Technology Advanced Training Courses after School Of Education


On the morning of 23th September, China national petroleum corporation logging new technology advanced training class ceremony was held in the school of continuing education, the conference room. China national petroleum corporation engineering branch ying-zhong liu, director of the school of continuing education, our school dean Guo Gang Wu Minsheng, vice President of the he, attended the opening ceremony.

Guo Gang, dean of 35 from the oilfield enterprise training students a warm welcome, and to training students a brief introduction to the basic situation of the schools and colleges, and the development history, emphatically introduces the college to carry out the training education aspects of the situation. Ying-zhong liu, director of the institute undertake the training efforts to thank, and puts forward the specific requirements on the training of students, strict with oneself hope everybody trainees during the training, training task smoothly.

The training aims to further implement of CNPC oil engineering logging business development plan, accelerate to develop the innovative ability of strong high-level professional and technical personnel of the logging, to enhance the overall development level of the logging professional. To participate in the training of students learning are from oil and gas, engineering and technical service enterprise group company engaged in logging engineering management and the backbone of the development and application of logging technology.

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