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Oil Empire Makes Many Rich Men


       Dating back to long time ago, many oil engineers are very rich. Want to be one of the rich men? Want to be the next richest manin your country? Surely, you are motivated by the thrilling message. Then theoil engineering in Xi’an shiyou University will perfectly suit your wish.

      Why should I choose Xi'an Shi you University?

       Xi’an Shiyou University (XSYU) was founded in 1951, the first institute specialized inpetroleum and petrochemical engineering, a unique university in northwest chinacharacterized by petroleum and petro-chemistry.

The first institute to cultivatetechnicians in the field of petroleum engineering and petrochemical engineeringin People's Republic of China.

A full-time accredited university approvedby the Ministry of Education of PRC.

A unique public university in northwestChina Distinguishingly Features petroleum engineering and petroleum chemicalengineering.

A university jointly sponsored by ShanxiProvince, CUPC,SINOPEC and CNOOC.

One of the high-level universitieskey-constructed and key-supported in the twelfth Five-year Plan by ShanxiGovernment.

       Last I’d like to share with you a piece ofamazing news in the field of oil

       Oil Empire makes Russia's richest man-Mr Khodorkovsky                  

      According to Forbes magazine from 1997 to1997, Mr Khodorkovsky's wealth surged to $8.3 billion from $2.4 billion, theglobal rich list as 26, and became Russia's richest man. Business began to takeoff, he runs several companies, and then focus on the oil industry. A yearlater when he listed oil empire, market capitalisation of $7 billion. Yukos,mikhail khodorkovsky, turned into a "world class" of largeenterprises. With soaring yukos's value, he has miraculously become Russia'srichest man.

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