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Our foreign students training was highly spoken of by Ministry of Education -A legendary story of Thapa’s trip in Xi’an petroleum university


In 2012, the Chinese national foundation study to pass the exam, select a group of students at public expense in turkmenistan, Thapa, is one of them. After a year of Chinese studies in Shanghai, he was assigned to the xi 'an petroleum university for oil storage and transportation professional learning. For Thapa, love Chinese culture, the ancient city of xi 'an, to his lifetime.

Referring to the experience of the past two years of study and life in China, he relishes, he not only can communicate with people in fluent Chinese, also met a group of friends in China. More to his proud, with the gift of playing table tennis ball, many Chinese students became his "defeated". In another turkmenistan students antell's eyes, the process of learning Chinese is very happy. "We met each other in the library studying, shortly after she became my girlfriend and Chinese teacher." Lively when he was talking to a Chinese girlfriend, shyly smiled, he said, his girlfriend for his help particularly big, make him quickly into the life of xi 'an.

For students of turkmenistan, the legendary "sweat BMW" is their pride, turkmenistan as a national treasure, and draw on the national emblem and currency. Some boys because love "horse", continue to use the Chinese zodiac animal sign, all claim to belong to "horse". The third time this year in mid-may, turkmenistan give China "sweat BMW", the angel of the Ma Cheng for friendship between the two countries and two peoples witness of friendship from generation to generation. Ann tactel tells a reporter, he fell in love with China, has left school in the summer and winter vacations with don't give up, "every time they go home to tell my friends and relatives, xi 'an is very beautiful, China is very beautiful, is worth to you."

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