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Our Overseas Students Participated in Xi’an 2014 International Peace Day Commemoration


During 22th to 24th September the 2014 international peace day commemoration held in xi 'an. Activities held by ways of memorial meeting and discussion, showing to the international community that Chinese and Asian people around the world have the wisdom and ability by strengthening cooperation, promote regional security and prosperity to build community of fate and benefit community. Our school students took part in the part of the activities.


As the day 21th September each year is regarded as "international day of peace". The event by the Chinese people's association for peace and disarmament, the United Nations system and in Shanxi province people's government of the host, in Shaanxi province and Xi’an people's government foreign affairs office of the people's government of the host. Invited by xi 'an people's government foreign affairs office, our overseas students from Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Russia, Pakistan and other countries along the silk road economic belt of more than 150 students took part in Datang Lotus garden at the closing ceremony of the activities, and enjoy the performance becomes Datang, on-site experience the ancient silk road boom Tang Changan history and culture. 



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