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Visa Introduction

Student Visa(X visa)

Student visa, suitable for all students, especially those who will study in China for more than six months. Usually students can apply for X visa by submitting passport, admission notice, visa application form (JW202/201), physical examination report (required in some countries) and photos to the local Chinese embassy or consulate. Any student holding an X visa must apply for the residence permit within 30 days after entering China.

Visitor's Visa (F visa)

Visitor’s visa, usually valid for 60180 days,suitable for those who plan to study less than six months. Students can applyfor F visa by submitting passport, admission notice, JW202/201, physical examination report (required in some countries) and photos to the local Chinese embassy or consulate. If students with F visa decide to study for one more semester, they should pre-pay tuition fee of the next term and apply for residence permit two months before the current F visa expires.

Tourist's Visa (Lvisa)

Usually valid for 30 days, suitable for shortterm study no more than one month. Students from some countries can apply toextend/change their visa if they decide to continue their study after the shortterm program. They should hand in application form to a university’s internationalstudent office at least 20 days before the L visa expires, do the health checkand change it into residence permit when JW202 form is ready. Students fromsome countries who apply for Chinese programs after the application deadlinecan ask for our approval, submit the application form to us by email or by fax,do the health check at a local qualified hospital and go to a university with atourist visa (L visa).

Z Visa or Working Residence Permit

If foreigners with Z visa or working residence permit want to study in a university, theyshould apply to us for admission notice and JW202/201 at least 20 days beforethe visa expires, ask for Employment Separation Certificate from the employer,do the physical examination and change the visa into a study residence permit.

Visa On arrival: Visitors from countries like Japan,Mongolia, and Singapore etc. are allowed to stay in China for 14 or 30 dayswithout any Visa, which is called visa on-arrival. However, visa on-arrival cannotbe changed or extended. So students are not supposed to come to China withoutvisa.

Howdo I get student visa to China?

Once admitted, you will receive theuniversity’s letter of admission and JW202 form. The applicant can apply for Xvisa at Chinese Embassy or Consulate General in your home country.

When applying for your visa, pleaseremember to take along with you your valid passport, the original copy of theuniversity’s admission notification and a Visa Application Form for ForeignStudents Studying in China (also known as the JW201/JW202 form). Do make surethat your letter of admission and your JW202 form is handed back to youtogether with your passport after obtaining your Chinese visa. You will needthese documents to apply for your Residence Permit after your arrival in Xi’an.

International Students who will be studyingin China for more than 6 months are required to obtain a Student Visa, alsotermed as ‘X’ Visa.

Important: The Student Visa/’X’ Visa willonly be valid for 30 days after your arrival. You must apply for a ResidencePermit within these 30 days in order to obtain a legal status in China at thelocal public security bureau

You are not encouraged to arrive in Chinamuch ahead of the short time limit of your visa. Furthermore, you are noteligible to apply for a Residence Permit until you are a registered student of a university, namely before the day of registration.

For information regarding the location andthe contacts of the Chinese Embassy/Consulate in your country, please visit the following website of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs:


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