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Our school was selected as one in the second batch of the construction of demonstration base of study abroad in China


Recently, our school was successfully selected as one of the second batch of demonstration bases of study in China. There have been 14 universities and colleges selected, and our school was the only one in Shanxi to be selected, as well as the first one among Shanxi provincial universities and national petroleum & petrochemical universities.

The construction of demonstration base of study in China is an important task of implementing “Study in China Plan”. The demonstration base will arranged according to Ministry of Education to undertake or be involve in the key projects and activities of study in China, and undertake the task of teaching faculties and managerial staffs’ training and the development of relevant research in study in China.

In recent years, our school has been attaching great importance to the education of study in China, and brought it into the university development, the enrollment scale keep increasing, and education level is in expending. Our school built education system of standard management and perfect mode; we carried out colorful and characteristic cultural experience and study activities. In 2012, our school was approved to be one of “Colleges and Universities recruiting international students with Chinese Government Scholarship”, in 2013, the school was approved to be one of “Colleges and Universities independently recruiting Russian Students with Chinese Government Scholarship”, and in 2014, our school was approved “Colleges and Universities Qualified for Independent Recruitment of International Students”. The education mode for petroleum engineering majored international students gained the education ministry and universities’ approval and agreement, the innovation and practice of education mode for international students majoring in characteristic specialty won special award of Shanxi Province Colleges and Universities Education Achievement Prize.

As one of demonstration bases of study abroad in China, our school will comply with the requirement of guidelines of study abroad in China to carefully carry out Measurement for the Construction of Demonstration base of Study in China, and focus on quality to boost scientific, rapid and sustainable development of study in China.

It is reported that the International Cooperation and Communication Department of Ministry of Education put forward in “Notices on Enforcing the Construction of Demonstration Bases of Study abroad in China” that till 2020, there will 100 demonstration bases have been built, and make these bases compatible and reputed in international student education so as to lead the international recruitment and management, and to undertake the task of the innovation for international student education and management system

There are two types of demonstration bases of study in China, one is colleges and universities directly under the Ministry of Education and other ministries and commissions, which is selected by International Cooperation and Communication Department; the other type is local colleges and universities recommended by provincial administrative department for education. In 2013, Ministry of Education started construction of demonstration base of study in China; the first batch of demonstration base has 38 colleges and universities, 22 among which are ones under Ministry of Education, the rest 16 are local ones; and the second batch of demonstration base has 14 colleges and universities. so far, three Shanxi provincial colleges and universities were selected.

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